Reward Points

How do Reward Points work?

Points are earned from products purchased.

On average, you earn 1 point for each £1 you spend on a product.

Once you have enough Points, you can purchase items that are not on promotion with the Points earned. For example, you spend £10... and you earn 10 Points. 10 Points can buy items worth £1!... so 20 Points, buys you an item for £2. Spend £100 and you can buy an item worth £10 with the 100 Points earned.

So to put it in another way, 1 Point gives you a 10p purchase credit on Point purchaseable items (pretty much all products not on special offer or services).

How does this compare to a supermarket's points?

Our Reward Points are a lot more generous than a supermaket for example, which on averge one point is worth 1p!


Currently there are no Reward Points earned for services, however, look out for special offers where we may be offering points for certain services.

There are also no Reward Points on items already on promotion, neither can promotional items be purchased with Reward Points.

Points do not hold a monetary value and at no instance, can be redeemed or converted to cash. Points can only purchase items that are a part of the Reward Points scheme (pretty much all products apart from ones that are on special offer, or services).

Any questions, please contact us.